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Long-term car rentals

The long-term car rental services offered by Bavaria Mobility represent the flexible mobility solution for companies and individuals.



Subscription type car rentals


BMW MIX by Bavaria Mobility

Rent 2 cars for the price of 1


Experience the pleasure of driving,

Bavaria Mobility, a member of the Automobile Bavaria group, the only exclusive representative dedicated to a premium brand, presents you with two long-term car rental options: Executive Mobility (subscription car rentals) and BMW XCHANGE (possibility to change the car monthly).

The long-term car rentals proposed by Bavaria Mobility represent the flexible mobility solution for companies and individuals who want to rent a car or a BMW fleet for periods exceeding 30 days. Depending on your request, we offer for rent new cars or from our own fleet, at very advantageous prices, for a duration of use of up to 24 months. Bavaria Mobility long-term car rentals are the efficient solution that allows you to benefit from premium mobility services, adjusted according to your requirements and preferences.


Why choose Bavaria Mobility?

  • We are the only company that offers mobility solutions dedicated to a premium brand.

  • Customers of the Executive Mobility program can opt for a car change every 6 months..

  • With us you will always find the newest BMW models perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Who are we addressing?

  • Customers who do not intend to buy a car in the next period, but for whom comfort, mobility and status are important.

  • Customers who want a flexible contract from the point of view of using, changing and handing over the car.

  • Companies for which managing their own fleet is an additional effort from a financial or logistical point of view.

  • Companies that need premium cars for temporary employees or expats.

The advantages of Executive Mobility

The Executive Mobility program offers you the possibility of using your preferred car in exchange for the payment of fixed installments for the entire chosen period. You will thus benefit from a correct cost budgeting and efficient cash flow management. At the same time, you eliminate the risks of fleet maintenance, because our package includes all the necessary services:

  • Matriculation;
  • Insurance (Hull, RCA);
  • Taxes and fees;
  • Full maintenance;
  • All season tires;
  • Car update;
  • Road assistance;
  • Contact person dedicated to your account.

Through Executive Mobility you can choose to replace the rented car with a new one during the contract period. It can be changed depending on the season (summer / winter), the emergence of new models or your desire to periodically use different models. With a frequency of up to 6 months of use, you will experience permanent driving pleasure with a new BMW car.

Bavaria Mobility gives you the chance to make some changes in the Executive Package (period kilometers and services included) for the duration of the contract, including the possibility of returning the car at any time during the contract.

Park & Fly Service
During short trips (up to 3 days) from Otopeni Airport, we provide parking in the airport area and transfer to and from the terminal.

Long term parking
In the case of long journeys, we arrange the parking of the car at the Bavaria Mobility headquarters in Otopeni.

Fly & Ride
In the case of air travel in Cluj or Timisoara, we offer mobility services with one of our cars, subject to availability. This service requires a prior reservation and can be accessed 2 times for 3 days during the duration of the contract.

Weekend SWAP
During the contract, Executive Mobility customers can change their cars with any BMW model in the Bavaria Mobility fleet.

Bavaria Mobility renting vs leasing

  • During the period mentioned in the contract, you can change the car with another model in our offer;
  • The return of the car can be made at any time, on many favorable terms;
  • At the end of the contract, the car can be purchased by the customer;
  • Pay as you use – charge applies strictly regarding on how much you have used the car.
  • Fleet management is carried out by our specialised personnel, while you can focus on other activities;
  • The risk for the eventual decrease in the value of the waste is taken by the owner, in this case Bavaria Mobility;
  • Our company deals with many other activities for the client: ANAF registration, contract management and invoice payment for any service providers, annual tax payment, tracking the validity and acquiring valid vignette and RCA’s;
  • Long term debt of the Company is not affected;
  • Expenses on car rentals are deductible;
  • The client does not have to spend on any amortization expense.
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