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Rent a carServices and products

Bavaria Mobility aims to create top-class and flexible product and service packages that can be tailored to each customer's needs. Thus, through Bavaria Mobility you choose not only top products and services, but also fast and safe services that fully satisfy your requirements and needs.



Inchirieri auto

Short-term car rentalsUp to 30 days

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Long-term car rentals Subscription

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Flexible long-term car rentals BMW MIX by Bavaria Mobility

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Prepay car rentalsThe alternative to short-term rentals

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Why choose Bavaria Mobility?

Bavaria Mobility is the only company that offers mobility solutions, 100% dedicated to a premium BMW brand.

With us you will always find the latest BMW models perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Parte a grupului Bavaria Automobile, oferim soluții premium de mobilitate de peste 20 ani.