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General rental conditions

The objective of the contract is to present a lease that the client has for period of time for a car, Bavaria Mobility property. The client, using the services offered by Bavaria Mobility, expressly states that it agrees with the contractual conditions. The base price of the car rental does not include any fees or additional costs, excluding VAT.

Minimum rental period is 1 day / 24 hours. For monthly or long term rental Additional information is available upon request and if extending the rental period, the Client is obliged to make the prepayment.

The car will be leased under terms of the agreement. The client is asked to read the lease carefully before signing it and, consequently, to grant consent to this agreement. Bavaria Mobility reserves the right to refuse renting a car without giving any explanation. Customers who rent a car must meet all the requirements, standards and requirements of Bavaria Mobility.

Delivery & return

The car is delivered to the customer in good condition. Any complaint about the state of the car must be made immediately upon receipt thereof and shall be stated in the minutes, that the parties recognize as sufficient evidence to prove any further damage caused by the driver. Customer undertakes to return the car in good condition with all necessary documents, equipment and accessories in good condition at the location and date to be determined by the contract. In case of damage caused car hire discovered post-return vehicle and mentioned in a documentary (mainly Minutes, even if it is signed by the customer – has failed to return the vehicle outside working hours, or refused to sign it), customer understands that it is solely responsible for these damages and agrees to pay any amount of money necessary for their coverage. Customer agrees to sign any document required by Bavaria Mobility on subsequent payment of these damages. If the delay exceeds 24 hours of the time of return specified in the contract, if the customer notifies the delay by phone, fax or email, Bavaria Mobility reserves the right to immediately notify police for theft of car or abuse trustworthy.

Client shall not use the car in the following situations:

  • By breaking traffic regulations or any law in Romania in force;
  • For transport of persons or goods in order to obtain income;
  • For pushing or towing another vehicle, or other objects;
  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that could affect driving skills, thus affecting driving or ability;
  • In competitions, races or tests;
  • On public roads unsuitable for vehicular traffic;
  • The car is not used by an unauthorized person (any person not mentioned in the contract);
  • To keep the car in pristine condition during the non-use or leave car documents inside the car;
  • Do not allow overloading the vehicle on the number of seats or weighing more than the maximum limits that are mentioned in the documents of the vehicle.
  • Whatever type of insurance accepted (or not), the customer is responsible for the total amount of repairs in case of damage the car in any of the situations mentioned above. The certified report of the accident issued by the police / insurance company is compulsory accident. Police / insurance company will determine damage and will issue a report and repair authorization. The Client shall notify the max 12:00, both Bavaria Mobility, and the nearest police station. The insurance is valid only if the client get the minutes mentioned above; otherwise, he will be responsible for the entire amount representing Bavaria Mobility authorizes repairs and undertake the necessary steps in order to recover damages. The Customer undertakes to maintain, after the conclusion of the rental period, all documents relating to rent and any other incidents related to the car. Customer shall not assign, sell, mortgage or guarantee the vehicle, its equipment or machinery and will not cause any action to the detriment of Bavaria Mobility. Any of the above mentioned circumstances authorizes Bavaria Mobility to immediately seek the return autoturismului.ulatie or any law in Romania in force;

Age limits

Minimum age for the driver is 21 years for categories 1 Series and the driver must hold a driving license for at least 2 years; Minimum age is 23 years for category BMW 3 Series, BMW X1, the driver must hold a driving license for at least three years. Minimum age is 25 years for categories BMW 5 Series, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW X6; the driver must hold a driving license for at least three years. Any additional driver must meet the required age.

Payment methods

All major credit cards, such as Eurocard / Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Diners Club are accepted. All cash payments are made in lei and accepted only together with a valid credit card, for security reasons. If paying by money order, the customer must pay within three days from the date the invoice is issued, but not later than the date of taking over the car. If the customer does not pay within the period specified above, understands and agrees to pay late fees amounting to 0.2% per day of delay. In addition to the rental fee stipulated in the contract, the customer agrees and undertakes to pay any sum of money representing repair vehicle damage. These amounts include but not limited to damages resulting from improper use of the vehicle, damages representing the maintenance inadequate vehicle damage resulting from cutting, puncture or burst tires, fines for traffic or parking, parking tickets, fines or fees for violation of traffic rules. Customer agrees by signing the contract, pay any amount necessary in order to recover these costs mentioned above. At customer request, Bavaria Mobility will prove the existence of these costs through documents. By signing the contract, the customer agrees to be her debit card with which payment was made to any of the amounts mentioned above, including the use of guarantees do Client after signing the contract and whether it is present or not to perform such operations cutting .

Fees covered

Maintenance and auto civil liability are included in the rental price.Costuri suplimentare

Fuel is not included. The car will be delivered with a full tank to the client, which, in turn, is obliged to return the car with a full tank. For lack of fuel, a fee of 2 Euro / liter + VAT. This fee may be changed without notice.

Customer understands that he is responsible for paying the following costs: an additional fee applies to rentals taking place in airport locations, for each rental. The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours). The first hour delay over time of return specified in the contract is free. If the delay in returning the car more than an hour will be charged a fee for a full day, according to the price list. The fee for each additional driver / rent is 22 euros (VAT included). Depending on the calculated rate will apply a charge per km over limit set according to prices in force. In case of loss or damage documents or car keys will apply a charge of up to 250 euros (VAT included). In case of loss or damage vouchers or tokens airport parking access will apply a fee of 150 euros (VAT included). These amounts will be debited from the customer’s credit card. If the car is not returned clean there will be a charge of 22 euros (VAT included). Delivery / collection of the car in the city involves an additional fee; any other location outside the city will apply additional fees. Special equipment vehicle Additional charges will apply. High Chairs are available upon request for an additional fee of 22 euros (VAT included) for each rental; services outside office hours will be charged 25 euros (VAT included). By signing the contract, the customer agrees with debit card or any additional costs mentioned above. In this respect, the customer agrees to sign any document required by Bavaria Mobility on additional costs.

General Insurance Conditions

All cars have RCA and CASCO insurance. The franchise  per event, per car is EUR 200.

Crossing the border

Crossing the border is not possible. For inquiries call our sales department 0040 (0) 730 333 707.


In case of malfunction, please call the headquarters of Bavaria Mobility 0040 (0) 31 802 22 22, or from our technical department 0040 (0) 730 333 701 or 0040 (0) 730 333 701, any damage can be repaired Automobile Bavaria Group exclusive network.


For the contract the rate of VAT is applied, as required by law. All prices on the website include VAT.

Early termination of the contract

In case of early closure of the contract, regardless of the reasons for the cessation, Bavaria Mobility will be recalculated rental fee according to the table unique for the period rented will apply a penalty amounting to 20% of the equivalent period rented calculated baseline (signing the contract). In this respect, the Customer understands and agrees with retention charge result and the penalty of 20% of the initial payment made upon signing the contract, covering the period of rent agreed / agreed initially.


The client will also pay a warranty contract. This amount is returned by Bavaria Mobility at the end of the contract (within 30 days of closing) except in the following cases: fuel shortage, possible additional costs of bringing the machine to normal operation, damage undeclared or not covered by insurance policy , traffic fines.

Depending on the machine that is leased to perceive different values ​​for the guarantee, according to the table below.

BMW 1 series500€
BMW 3 series800 €
BMW 5 series1200 €
BMW X1800 €
BMW X31200 €
BMW X51500 €
BMW X61500 €

Changes applied to Terms & Conditions

The Site Administrator has the right to modify in any way any provision of the Terms or Terms and Conditions in full, without prior notice and without having to meet any other formality Users. Any changes will be considered as fully and unconditionally accepted by any user by simply using or accessing any facilities provided by the Site or the Service, or by accessing the Site, occurring at any time after the operation change and not accept any changes attract obligation such users to stop accessing the Site and / or use the Service in any way. Published information and machine availability are subject to change.

Protection of personal data

Bavaria Mobility reserves the right to install Motor monitoring systems GPS type, and the right to stop the vehicle operation by remote control, if the tenant does not perform duly and timely obligation to pay rent monthly or penalties due. Bavaria Mobility is obliged to keep confidential GPS data, unless they are requested by the police. Confidentiality clauses are not put in place when it’s major interest recovery vehicle.

According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented, and the Law. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in electronic communications, the Site Administrator will manage safely and only for specified purposes, the personal data of users. We inform you that personal data that users provide the site’s administrator is processed in order to provide optimal service conditions. By registering on the Site / filling out the booking / contact / registration or any other means of acquisition of such personal data, the User declares that he agrees that all personal data will be included in the database of the site’s administrator and its express and unequivocal consent that all personal data will be stored and used for: – marketing activities by receiving information or commercial messages (offers, promotions, advertising and marketing) e-mail to communicate; – participation in contests and promotions; – messaging non-commercial or administrative notifications (regarding changes to the site, administration, etc.); – internal statistics needed to improve service quality and image of Site and to create elements new features, promotions, functionality and services; – to ensure access to restricted sections of the Site; – market research; – tracking sales data.