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Frequent questions


The cars from our fleet are last generation BMWs, at most 2 years old with a mileage of less than 50.000 km. For more information, you can check our Fleet.

The Damage warranty represents coverage for damage with a franchise (liability) that can vary between 500 Euro and 1500 Euro depending on the selected car. The mandatory Warranty is deposited by the Customer upon signing the Contract, will be blocked by Bavaria Mobility and will be refunded upon return of the vehicle, except for the following cases:

  • damage (accidents) caused to the rented vehicle, found by parties authorized by the Police or by the Bavaria Mobility operator, as being the customers fault or that of an unknown author (includes the situation where the vehicle is found hit or vandalized in the car park

  • theft of the rented vehicle

  • and any other exclusion from insurance policies.

The car must be handed over at the location and time stipulated in the contract, it must be cleaned both inside and outside. If the car will be delivered with a delay of more than 1 hour from the time specified in the contract, Bavaria Mobility reserves the right to charge rent for one more day.If the car will not be returned clean, a 20 Euro + VAT tax will apply. The car will be delivered with a full tank to the customer, which, in turn, has the obligation to return the car, property of Bavaria Mobility, with a full tank. For any missing fuel, a fee of 2 Euro / liter is charged. This fee may be changed without prior notice by Bavaria Mobility.

Only drivers licensed in the rental contract have the right to drive the car. For each additional driver, you will pay an additional 22 Euro

In the event of an accident, collision or any other malfunction, please call immediately at +4 0730 333 707. In case of an accident, the customer must make available to Bavaria Mobility copies of the documents of the persons involved in the accident (RCA insurance policy, identity card, driving license, registration certificate), the police report or amicable report. If the person who rents the car and / or the other participant are foreign citizens, the investigation should be carried out on the spot and the police report should be attached.

Depending on the rented model, the minimum age differs: 21 years for the following categories: BMW 1 Series, and the driver must hold a driving license of at least 2 years; the minimum age is 23 years for the BMW 3 Series, BMW X1, the driver must hold a driving license of at least three years. The minimum age is 25 years for the BMW 5 Series, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW X6; the driver must have a driving license for at least three years. Any additional driver must meet the age requirements.

You need your driving license, ID and credit card when you rent a car from Bavaria Mobility.

The admissible limit is 350 km / day. Exceeding this limit will be charged separately. The cost per additional kilometer is 0.3 euro (for the 1 Series, 3 Series, X1 and X3), or 0.5 Euro (for the 5 Series and the X5 Series).